Accidentaly deleted my code

is there a way to redeem a accidentally deleted repl

yeah you just go to account then go to clui and go to trash then go to restore and enter the repl name

as @Firepup650 said: here’s the link



Adding on to @bigminiboss’ post, here’s the link:
Direct link to the restore-repl section of the trash:


ok so i got back the repl but the code isent there

Try creating files with the names of the ones that were there before. Replit will usually restore code that way.

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i tried it but it is not working

Then I’m not sure what to tell you, sorry. Maybe someone more experienced or the staff can help you.

please give us some more information


replit really should stop telling you your code will be deleted and this action cannot be undone

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I don’t think Replit will disable that message, since the user needs to know what happens if they delete their Repl.

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it reedemed the replit but not the code in it

Try to contact support at or create a ticket at and see if they are able to help you.

well… it can be undone

While yes, code can be restored back into the Repl. However, things like file history will disappear forever.

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how do i restore the code back into the repl

You can try doing this first.

Have you checked the Repl’s file history>

how do i check the file history

there’s a small button at the bottom of the file that says history

:eyes: wow crosis py implementation


thank you very much i thought it was gone forever.

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