Accidentally deleted files from repl while messing with git?

Does anyone know how to restore files deleted on your repl. I saw some outdated posts about a repl history button near the top, but its not there.

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Yea…not sure about this one. The history button has been moved to the bottom of each code file, so now I think try this:

  • Make a new file in the same directory with the same exact name
  • THEN hit the history button at the bottom.

It MAY work but I have no idea for sure.

Other than that idrk, but there ARE ways.

Idk if this is the case for everyone. I did make a new file with the same name, and clicking history on the bottom does nothing. But refreshing the page, actually does bring back the file for some reason. I couldnt find this anywhere though, so I’m not sure if its an intended feature.

Unfortunately, the git completely replaced everything about the repl, because i dont have the correct configurations and whatnot to run the repl anymore, but i can just make a copy of the code and put it onto a new repl i guess.

Odd, but nice. Did that solve it then?

yes thanks for your help!

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