Accessing the console

I am getting the following error message " refused to connect." each attempt to continue. What is the best solution for this issue?

Hey @eugerald05 welcome to the forums!

Thank you for your post and sorry that you are experiencing issues. However, we may not be able to help you with this issue if you do not complete the template fields fully.

Without a code excerpt and/or the link to your Repl there won’t be much we can do to help you. A screenshot of the expected output would also be appreciated.

The more information you provide at the start, the easier it will be to identify the bug in your program. refused to connect. is the output within a blank screen.

Hey, @eugerald05 welcome to the forums!

Can you please provide a link to the repl? This way it is easier for staff and members of the community to help you!

Also see this guide on how to share your code:

I cannot reproduce your error with GitHub. What do you do to make it appear?

I want to follow along with the Clever Programmer tutorial. I need to access the console area to do so assuming.

I do not understand your issue. If you need to open the Devtools (which has a console), try pushing the F12 key.

The f12 key does not apply to the particular database used to practice code in.

Perhaps CrtlShiftI will work?

This is the link within a database used for practice :point_right: [JavaScript Course by Clever Programmer (Github Repo There is a space for practice within this link. I need to click the green run button to access the screen. The screen goes blank with the error message described above when ever I attempt.