Accessing env secret with a txt config

A Discord bot comes neatly packed in a jar file that reads my Discord token from the config.txt file.

Discord token can’t be pasted on this config file because my free Repl is public.

Is there a way for this config.txt file to pull the Discord Token from the saved secret env?

Thank you

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// This sets the token for the bot to log in with
// This MUST be a bot token (user tokens will not work)
// If you don't know how to get a bot token, please see the guide here:


// This sets the owner of the bot
// This needs to be the owner's ID (a 17-18 digit number)

owner = 0

Hi @CholO1 , welcome to the forums!
You can do it in Python:

import os

I don’t think you can do ot in a txt file.