Accessing deployed files

Feature request:
I have a replit deployment that contains a database that has records that are updated daily. I would like to be able to download the database file from the production deployment so that I can view and manipulate the data directly.

Giving users the ability to download files from the production deployment would solve the issue and would not require giving users permission or capability to modify anything on the production side directly.


Hi @StevenMiller3 !
This means you want the users to be able to access the files of the program, and download it?
What about using the HTML download attribute?

<a href="path_to_file" download="proposed_file_name">Download</a>

Taken from:

Hope this helps!


@NateDhaliwal No, I don’t want the users to be able to access the files. I want as the owner of the deployment to be able to access the production versions of the files. I was unclear, when I said “users”, I really meant “owners”.


Why can’t you enter the repl and download the file from there?

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Because (I assume) the deployment would edit files, and then the OP would like to download those.

I didn’t even read but:

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Hm, maybe use a login system to check if the username and password match to enter an ‘Admin’ site, then use the tip from the post above to download the files?
Or, a Replit Auth for Admins, and if the username matches OP’s, then the Admin site will be shown. Users can still use the site without needing Replit Auth?


These are still all workarounds to the fundamental issues with deployments:

  • None-persistent file systems
  • No access to the filesystem

In fact, these are the reasons I’ve not migrated to Deployments on a few projects - Replit has not created the appropriate tooling yet.