Access to replit with Google account suddenly blocked

Hello, since a couple of days my students can’t access replit anymore. When using Continue with Google on the page they all get the (dutch) message “Toegang geblokkeerd: autorisatiefout” and it also shows “Fout 400: admin_policy_enforced”. It all worked fine before. Does anybody have a clue what can be causing this? And how to fix it or a possible worklaround to let them continu coding. Two of my classes are now stuck and a deadline is coming up. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or tips.

Hey @meesterBart welcome to the forums!

Based on the error message it sounds like IT blocked logging into Replit with google. You can send this to IT


Thanks for your quick response. I have no idea why they would have done that, but hopefully your hint brings us to a solution. I’m passing it on to the IT-people within my school organisation.