Access to files in deployments

How do I access my files that are running on deployment? I use a local database and need to access it to debug an error.

Hello @LucasAdriSilva!

Deployments do not have persistent filesystems, so you cannot view the files.


hi… but is it possible to write inside a deployment to a csv or only to dataframes. i have a script which reuses the updated csv for a new calculation and so on rount and round. should i do it only with dataframes without writing to a csv? is it possible to write and read from csv or only from df inside the deployments?

Problem is, if you redeploy the repl, the data will be lost. Your best bet is to use an external database.


ok, but it would use my csv inside the deployment for now? which external database you suggest. i thought about replit db or postgres. but this will also reset after redeploying if i use it the one inside replit? thx

I guess you can make a web app which serves all files on the deployment and use that.

so i ll send the dataframe with streamlit to this replit deployment website as a webserver. But then its readable for everyone. What is the best practise to make it private?

gpt says i can save the data in a csv? is this correct? then i ll try that:

do i have the right to write files in my deployment would i like to ask???

Yeah, I think you can write files, but cannot move or sum like that, also check where you are writing.
The easiest way to secure the files would be replit auth.

While yes you can write files, those changes are not saved because the filesystem is non-persistent. You will need to use an external database system until Replit staff finish their solution to the filesystem issue.

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