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So all benefits are for repls in the teams not in myrepl.

Let’s assume i create a one person teams (since the hacker is pretty lame), can i move repl to the team or do i need to do this via GIT (for example)?

IS there a limitation in terms of how many repl’s are in the team? What about folder structure?

Hey @fpessolano!

  1. You can transfer repls from your personal account into a team using this tool: https://replit.com/~/cli/team/transfer-repl

  2. There is no limitation to how many repls are in a team

  3. You can create Collections that allow you to organize your Repls. You can read more about Collections here: https://docs.replit.com/teams-pro/copying-repls-for-interviewing#organizing-interview-templates

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thanks. this clarifies everything

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