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When asking for help, be sure to:

  • Include your code! Share your repl link or embed the code into your post. Learn how to share code in a post here
  • Be clear about your question and beware the XY problem. What specifically do you need help with? What have you already tried? Think: “How do I change the color of my paragraph elements?” instead of “It’s not working”.
  • Search the forum to see if somebody else has already answered your question.
  • Mark answers as solutions once someone has resolved your question.
  • Pay it forward! Help out others where you can.

Also, to ‘pay it forward’, if you found a solution to your question yourself, please share it instead of deleting the topic.Don’t be afraid even if it was the silliest mistake: it’s those mistakes which grow our logical skills, as microtears do to our muscles. We all make them.Employers probably like people who show growth after their mistakes, rather than an inevitably filtered, seemingly perfect journey. Others who found the problem can find their solution when they search for the question.
And make your title concisely summarise your issue – don’t wait for me to come and edit it for you:

  • ‘Help, when I click the run button my python discord music bot doesn’t print ‘foo is online!’ and there’s no errors!’ :x:
  • ‘Help with my discord bot’ :x:
  • ‘Discord bot isn’t starting after I run it’, category: Python, tags: discord-bots :white_check_mark:

so it’s easier for future askers to search for your topic, and easier for us answerers to identify questions and whether we can answer.


Also to pay it forward , if you found solution to your questions , please share it instead of deleting the topic. don’t be afraid even if it was the silliest mistake: its those mistake swhich grow our local logical skills as mistake , rather


Beware the X Y problem:

As an asker

make clear what your actual problem, X, is, then say what went wrong with Y, your attempted solution. Acknowledge that Y may not be the best way to solve X; keep an open mind.
Even while you’re trying to fix the issue independently before you ask a question, always keep X in mind and try to look for alternative pathways to the solution
Mentioning X in the title helps to steer helpers in the right direction from the start*

As a helper

If the user’s actual problem, X, is clear, post something describing X, whether or not you can find a better solution at the time. Otherwise, if you know that there must be an X to the question, ask the user what X is, before you potentially waste time working for Y, the solution that the user had asked for (help with), which could be suboptimal or overly complex.
Other helpers will also be more likely to waste time working for Y… but not helpers who look for X in the initial question especially when the conversation seems to be going towards a suboptimal solution.

*But hey, helpers! Please ensure that you look further into the question and definitely not just on the title. Askers usually have the X in some part of their question.
helper as opposed to “answerer”: the direct, but not always practical, opposite of “asker”