About port forwarding...Does Replit host map ipv6 to ipv4?

I deployed the server on repl and configured [[ports]] in “.replit”, but the server cannot listen to the data of this port.
Both “” and “:::7788” are invalid.
Help! :face_vomiting:

What kind of server? should work

Frp server :disappointed_relieved:
Through “netstat -tln”, the system only opened “:::7788” for me.

yes,so this is not allowed by replit? :face_exhaling:

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Well, what are you using it for? And on the tos go to 4.24, that is the proxy rule

Used to access home intranet at school.
Bro, do you have any recommendations like this?
Can you elaborate on the “HTTP/HTTPS” version you mentioned?

Well, thanks for your help.
Are you a staff member of replit?

No, I am not, I am a volunteer helper.

Can I be your friend?

I was looking at this: GitHub - fatedier/frp: A fast reverse proxy to help you expose a local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet. (Link to README part)

I have read this doc.
Thanks brother for helping me research.

How about these?

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As long as the proxy does not state that it is specifically to bypass those reasons, they are completely permissible. (as mentioned by @not-ethan)