About page has usless emergency link

I couldn’t find the forum-feedback category for some reason. :man_shrugging:

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https://ask.replit.com/about says to visit https://www.replit.com/ to report critical issues and urgent matters. That is useless. Where on Replit do we report stuff? On a Repl owned by @moderation?

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I was reading the about page.
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That’s because it’s a tag.


That’s because it’s not available for Feedback/General Problems

It used to show up in the category thing like how Python does but it didn’t show up that time. I did find it when in General though.

All 99.99% of things about ask should be posted in General with the tag forum-feedback

I think its best to just remove that entire thing with a theme component. Let me see what I can make.

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Since that section does not display on the theme creator site I cant test it. But in theory this CSS should work.

.contact {
    display: none;

I changed it to support.replit.com, thanks for the heads up!


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