About me, Doomsdaybear

Hello there, fellow practicers of programming. I’ve been on here for a while now, but I figure I might introduce myself more in depth. I’ve been programming since the age of 6 (if you count Scratch as programming), first wrote code for Roblox Studio in Lua, published a script, and took a 3 year long break. I got back into programming around October 2021, and officially started using HTML and JS around November 2021. Been at it for about a year now, and I’ve gotten much better as time passed. My first “major” project was a slot machine in JavaScript, and it was well recieved by many well known critics, such as my classmates. I made an online notebook, hosted at doomsdaybear.github.io , and have since made projects for fun. Well, that’s my story, and I’m happy to help fellow coders!


You mean L u a u


I thought it was Lulua. Either way, both are weird languages.


nah, they are the same.

IIRC, Luau was a fork of Lua specifically built for the Roblox Studio engine.

Nice! I’m Probably gonna make an introduction since I haven’t done one yet.

Go for it, I would love to see how it turns out!

oh, I see. Interesting , since I’m starting to make roblox games.

Oversimplied but you are right. I think Roblox originally Lua (no modifications) then over time they made modifications and become Luau

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Most likely, because original Lua was put into Roblox Studio, and slowly becane modified to adhere to Roblox’s preset functions for server handling and whatnot.

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Honestly I tried learning LUA on multiple occasions some time ago for Roblox and gave up and decided to just build stuff.

Why? It’s a very simple language to learn.

I don’t like how it works. I know it’s super easy to learn and use and what not, but I just don’t like the way it works! I’ll learn C, Probably also, I like how C++ works, HTML, it’s like, I hate JS too because of this. It might have to do with my minor OCD but honestly I don’t know.

But what is it about Lua that you dislike?

The look of it, I’m also not interested in it, why would I want to use it? I don’t care for making stuff in Roblox or whatever. I’m much more interested in Python.

Well it can be very easily embedded into apps, why do you think Roblox uses Lua? (Well it uses Luau but yeah)

I know it uses LUAU which is another reason. I wouldn’t learn LuaU, I’m not learning a whole language just for Roblox, which I don’t even use much. If i was to learn it, I would learn Lua instead of specifically LuaU.

While I agree that you don’t have to learn a whole langauge, 1 simple tutorial video can make an entire game. I also see where you’re coming from as to why you don’t like how it works, as Luau is very ROBLOX oriented, and learning Luau means also having to learn Roblox’s handling systems.

Along with that I have no need too! If I need a LUA scripter I just ask a few of my friends. I have connections.

welcome Mr. Non you are very new here and we have no idea who you are