About keeping console items

This topic doesn’t fit well in feature requests, and/or bug reports (I mean, it’s kind of both) so I put it here.
This new update that keeps console items: I personally dislike it. When I copy/paste cases (I’m learning coding right now) it just keeps on going, and this happens:


This screenshot shows the last run, and it is ‘overflowing’ my console. Also, because of the overflowing, you don’t get to scroll down to find the ‘Paste’ button.

Feature Request/Suggestion

I am thinking if Replit could add an option to enable/disable keeping console items. (When disabled, it just deletes everything from the console every time you press the ‘Run’ button in the IDE mode.

How to Reproduce

I think that you could reproducing just by basically spamming in the console (BUT press the stop button at the end of the input). When it finally ‘overflows’ right click in the console and you couldn’t scroll down to see the buttons anymore.

Here’s a zoomout from the photo:

(P.S. I edited the photo and hid my inputs for privacy reasons, if your wondering.)