About five-nine

Any idea on the meaning of the account username? (I’m actually also pretty curious about this)

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https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_nines Choose the interpretation you want XD. Would be more funny if they changed one of the digits ever so slightly tho

I’ll go with the third one :upside_down_face: /j

Imagine if someone were to hack that account (very unlikely tho), then they would have infinite private Repls? Or am I not understanding how banned accounts work?

You can’t even log into a banned account, so that wouldn’t be possible.

Oh, I thought that the max ban was community ban. How does it make Repls on it then? Or does it just say banned on our side but it’s not really?

There’s the community ban, and then there’s the site ban.

Dunno. You’d have to be a staff, or get a staff to tell you on that front. (Which is unlikely to happen)

I think that’s why it’s banned in the first place lmao. Since repls can run using it, I suppose you could do repl identity with it, but thats the most you can do (but it DOES show that banned accounts can still do some stuff)

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