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Hi Guys,

Why was the “Always on” option removed? I read the notice about this but this option should have remained for pro users. My example project is a project connected to Telegram. It was working great until I noticed that the always on feature was removed. I became a pro user just for this. I was paying for this every month. Based on your information, when I deployed my project, productivity became very bad. My project is about fast information retrieval. But when I deployed, it didn’t make any sense. This is very annoying. What is your suggestion? Or are you planning to bring back the always on feature?


Hey, @Jaymz86!

Always-On is being replaced with Deployments.
Read more here:

However, as your repl is a bot, you need to deploy it as a Reserved VM, which has 99.9% uptime and is paid in Cycles as well.
Hope this helps!

This is the 3rd time replit has broken my code with their greed. They’ve lost my business for good. I paid and they want More and more to run the same code. Exploring other avenues and very disappointed with their product.

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Its not 99.99$ up time. I already tried 3 different deployments each of which takes the cycle fee and turns off after a few minutes…

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I also did what you mentioned. It still works badly. I think it is a meaningless situation made out of commercial concerns. We need to pay for something again. But that’s not healthy either. Always on should be active again. I don’t know if this situation only affected me.

Hi @Jaymz86 !
You aren’t the only one affected.
Maybe try connectingthe bot with a web server then host it with Autoscale Deployments?

I quit paying, their latest changes broke over 100 pieces of my code, so I canceled my account.

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What are you deploying as?

Reserved VMs don’t turn off.

Whereas Autoscale only turns on after a request is made.

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