Able to upload Cover Page image when publishing Repl

When you are publishing a Repl, you’ll eventually see this:


However the cover page hasn’t had this design for over a year. Additionally, the green button that resembles a Run button no longer exists. Furthermore (and the main point), cover page images don’t even exist because you’re thrown right into the code on a cover page, so File should be the only option here. Very very minor, but thought I’d point it out.


Heh, I noticed this while creating a template today and was considering making a bug report.
Also, the “Submit as template for review” is an outdated message on the last step, there is no review.

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Yeah, you can still make templates, but they should change the text.


I always thought they just checked them real quick. But yeah interetsing

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Thanks @boston2029. I’ve reported this to the team to get addressed.

I’ll also mention the “submit for review”. I am not sure if it gets reviewed anymore or just sent through some of our automatic checks, but I’ll make a task with the team to see if they’d like to update the phrasing.


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