Ability to use the repl.co domain

So this isn’t really a bug rather permission or needing to use this temporarily. So I have a game which relied on the .repl.co domain before update and I can’t really update my game as of now due to a testing being done that prevents me from updating to .app

However, I want to be able to temporarily use the .repl.co domain temporarily for one of my repls to alleviate this issue as well as bugs within my game.

If you could please allow permission or change it for me for one or two of my repls that requires this, I would greatly appreciate this.

Hi @kenthegreat8 !

What kind of testing is this?

Replit removed this domain, so it won’t be coming back, unfortunately.

Also, why won’t the current replit.dev domain work?


So this testing is to measure the game analytics, for my Roblox game and game won’t be updated for while.

And since it can’t be updated, it is stuck with the repl.co domain. (This causes bugs in my game)

replit.dev, it wont keep the repl online and it doesn’t seem to actually work.

You’ll have to deploy to keep Repls online now.


Well yes, I’m aware however its using the .app domain. I need the .repl.co

You cannot use the repl.co domain, it is depreciated. However, of your Repl is deployed, the repl.co will redirect to your deployment.


So you’re saying, if I deploy it right now. I still use the same domain, .repl.co, it will redirect it to my deployed app/repl?

That is correct. Though I do not believe it preserves the route, so say a POST to program.you.repl.co/hello I believe would end up going to deployed.replit.app/.

Why not? Are you waiting to release an update? Just call it a bug fix or something if you’re waiting for a big drop

Okay, I am going to try this now.

Try the spock.replit.dev domain. However I used the domain for a website and I have no idea if it will work with your game.

Pardon? A little confused here sorry.

it does. https://id.raadsel.repl.co/api/n/_

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This will be a little confusing.
When you preview your website, it still has to be hosted somewhere because Replit is online. Therefore it generates a link to generate the preview. The link in the preview can be extracted and shared within the internet, albeit a long one.

Huh, I think that got changed then, as I could have sworn it used to drop the route.