Ability to export logs from Deployment

Describe your feature request

While we are waiting for a way to connect to Deployed server and to get persistent filesystem on Deployments, it would be a nice feature to be able to export the logs of a deployment in a file.
The GUI is quite simple and we may have to export the lines from the Deployment logs to study them

What problem(s) would this feature solve?

Get information about why a program doesn’t work in Deployed version
Study the logs easily

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request

I have deployed a Repl but there were some errors and i wanted to have the logs. I cannot keep the logs in a file as a cold start would destroy them…


Is there any information about this feature request ?
Deployments are now the only way to publish our works and the Logs part of the deployment tab is not easy to use, especially on mobile.
Could you please provide a way to export the list ? it shouldn’t be difficult and would help people that create paid autoscale deployments

Couldn’t you just copy and paste to a text file?

not really : the results of a copy/paste of this part of the screen is really not good

And sometimes the log is really big, having a button to export would be great. Especially on mobile where the layout is really bad to check the logs.

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is it possible to integrate a deployed replit app with logging services like Datadog, Loggly, or Papertrail?

I don’t know all these services but for example you can send your logs to Loggly from a deployed Repl, yes of course.
But as long as we can see the logs from Replit GUI, it would be nice to be able to have an export available :slight_smile:

Someone could write a bookmarklet to do this for the time being. I personally don’t have access to deployments so I cannot.

game on—just kidding im too busy; the bookmark might break, but it would be worth a try :slight_smile: maybe qwerty or someone else

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I’ve never written a bookmarklet

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If you like, give me the JS DOM of the deployments logs tab, then I could some time.


Oh that’s really nice but I think we really need to have Repl engineers imagine a way to have more details about our VMs.

Be able to export logs easily
Be able to know the CPU/RAM usage of our VM

Of course, we can make something to export html from the web page but I think we need a serious official way to do it

Thanks anyway :slight_smile: