A user has blocked me. What are the total features?

Hello. A user has blocked me. I see this screen:

What does this do and mean? It directly tells me that I cannot follow, comment, or see Repls. But what is the full list of features a block does?


As listed above, it explicitly states:

  • You can’t follow
  • You can’t comment
  • And you can’t see their Repls.

However, there are more restrictions, such as:

  • You are not able to see who they are following, or who is following them
  • You cannot see when they were last online
  • You cannot see their biography
  • You cannot copy their profile link via the <<Copy profile link>> button.
  • You are not able to view their comments; they cannot see yours.
  • and more…

If I missed anything, lmk :upside_down_face:


wait this is a thing since when?? can someone tell me plz

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