A specific forked repl doesn't work

I’ve been using the repls @DinosaurGamer makes to play Pokemon, however, once repl removed the run button, I wasn’t able to use the repls anymore. Whenever I fork the repl, the code it gives me is a bunch of symbols and small red letters that write gibberish and say null sometimes. When trying to run the forked repl, it just says “Failed to start game” I tried looking at the code in the original repl, but Replit crashes whenever I try clicking on the tab.

I can’t post the code because the automatic spam filter (Akismet) will get rid of the post, but here is the original repl.


Hi there, this is different from the comments system, so you are allowed to post the code here. But the repl link would be helpful too.

The code looks like this

that’s showing the binary .gba file that you uploaded. Go to #index.html.
Prepend to the .replit file (this is a hidden file which you can access by doing CtrlPin the workspace):

entrypoint = "index.html"

as for the game, it seems to work when I fork the repl, at least when I click the “open in new tab” button in the far right of the webview.


Thank you! Never would’ve thought that clicking the open in new tab button would’ve done anything.

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