A safe way to remove the cc requirement

The cc requirement would be removed, but a new system would be put in place. A repl, when “Published” would then be automatically treated like a static deployment, but without the website. Simply put, it would be able to be used on the cover page again. BUT, this would be with a limit. If the repl sees a large growth in usage, resulting in it approaching the data transfer limits, it would be stopped, so and an Email to the creator would be sent warning of the data transfer limits being approached. This would only happen to “Published” Repls. To restore a repl to being available on the cover page, a credit card would have to be given, and it would have to be manually turned on again.

I believe this method would provide a fair middle ground between the community’s wishes to be able to share freely, while not risking replit loosing profits due to repls going over their data transfer limits but not being able to pay.

So, does this sound like a good idea?


The thing that makes me a bit mad is that after finally getting past the credit card requirement, I also have to verify my phone number. Like

  1. Why do you need more verification? I just showed I’m a human and actually a valid user…
  2. I typed my phone number and it of course didn’t accept it :roll_eyes:
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Really? I didn’t need to verify a phone number.

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Did you already have one on your Replit account?

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Nope. No phone number connected.

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Wowie…that is kinda weird then

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