A replit workshop question

My colleague and I are doing a workshop at SIGCSE 2023 in Toronto using replit.com (specifically on how it works for a course in full-stack development). We’d like participants to be able to see the system from the Teacher’s perspective. Assuming that the workshop makes (we need at least 10, I believe), is there any special way to handle faculty being granted access? Like set up some accounts ahead of time, pass them out, and have them go away after the conference? Or would you prefer the faculty just apply individually, in the standard way?

Hi @mprogers thanks for your message.

From what I understand the best way to do this would be to create a “SIGCSE23” team, add a few student accounts which aren’t linked to an email address so there is faked data for them to look at but then add each participant in the workshop as an Admin. Is this what you need?


So, they wouldn’t be able to see my students (as they’d be in other teams), and they’d be able to grade, create assignments, etc. Yup, that’s perfect. Thank you (and I apologize for not reading the documentation before I asked, I really need to find the time to do that!).

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No problem. I completely understand you’ll have other things to do (usually simultaneously) rather than read the docs. Good luck with the workshop!

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