A Replit well and truly hung

TEacher here. Student replit is hung. Past “click run” and past “clear cookies”. It hangs on boot for her, and for me.




That repl seems to be private, could you either make it public, make a public fork, or provide a code snippet please?

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done. CANNOT fork. MAybe because it’sa Team Project (not a Group project though)

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Hm. At least from the cover page I can run that repl (Error at main.cpp:35:20). Try opening it and closing all open tabs that have files, then a hard refresh (Ctrl + Shift + R or Ctrl + F5). I’ve seen once before where a sufficiently large file can hang the editor.


I have no open tabs with files. Have done ^R, shift+ctrl-R, deleted cookies. In my browser (and hers) we can’t see any files listed in the Files area. And Console can’t come up.

@Firepup650, can you please fork this for me so I can recover the source? Because I cannot fork it (fork is not an option under …)

Loads for me, although the project is quite large, and may take a long time on some devices.

So i agree with @Firepup650 on the large file part

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Forking is only possible from the cover page, try from here:

You can also fork from the workspace.

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Welp. I’ve never used that so I did not know that was there.