A replit I use stays on the code screen and I can't run it

I don’t know much about this coding stuff, but I use a proxy through replit to watch youtube on my school computer and it wont even give me an option to run the repl anymore. Anyone know why? Heres what I use: https://replit.com/@IKKnight/Web-Proxy-new-one-made
If someone can help/provide aa new option I’d appreciate it!
Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@natehol53

For starters, proxies are a violation of Replit’s ToS. However, you don’t see the play button because you haven’t forked it.

Hey @natehol53 welcome to the forums!

The Run button no longer exists. Due to recent changes you will have to Fork unless the creator Deploys the Repl, in which case you will have to get the link to the deployed program. These changes apply to normal console based programs like Python, C, etc. too, but there is no way to deploy them unless you set up some kind of server to run it (like Flask for Python) and use an Autoscale Deployment.

And as @sj02 said, this is a violation of Replit’s ToS to bypass school restrictions via proxies. You may not even be able to fork it.