A rather strange Bug issue having my repls seemingly trying to infinitely reconnect

Alright, recently I’ve tried to well. run my older repls and I keep getting cut off by a red wifi signal with a cross, now I have admittedly never seen this icon once ever… I have tried restarting everything I know to fix it but nothing has worked, I don’t think repl.it is down its just some other strange issue, (note I have tried several methods on all 4 of my devices). If you got any answers let me know.

Hi @KelanAbel , welcome to the forums!
Is your internet connection stable?

It is very stable I did check several before I posted this report.

Oh whoops, grammar issue. Meant to say I checked several times.

Hey @KelanAbel!

Does this happen to all of your Repls? If you create a new Repl, does the same issue happen?

If this is happening to specific Repls, could you share the links to ones that work and ones that don’t so we can take a look?

It’s all yeah, this does include new ones too. Here I’ll send you the one I just made a bit ago… just as a note it is a proxy class repl that I forked. But IT does appear to be only those. But I have tried the same on an alternate account, no-go only seems to be those ones… https://replit.com/@KelanAbel/Test if its against the tos I had zero idea and thats my bad.

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Heres an image to refer to as well.
Screenshot 2023-10-10 10.04.14 PM

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Thanks! We will look into this!

I was able to confirm that our system has flagged the Repl as malicious due to it being used as a proxy.

that was my assumption, either way I decided to stop using those kinds of repls thanks for helping though.

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