A question about domain

domain, I have to connect txt and CNAME ?:

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Welcome to the forums @ntnlhhvb !

You’d need a TXT record AND either a CNAME record or A record

P.S: Next time, create this topic in #help :slight_smile:

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the first question was a bit strange but I have the same interrogation.
I am still stuck at verifying DNS but as it seems to be resolved and I have no answers from Replit people, I was wondering what i was doing badly.
I have only configured CNAME on my server and it immediately redirected to the good Repl.it IP. But it still says it is verifying. So i have wondered if i needed to configure TXT as well but when I do that, all the DNS records for my domain name stop working.
I have found a notice on a website that says CNAME and TXT cannot cohabit.

  1. A CNAME record cannot co-exist with another record for the same name. It’s not possible to have both a CNAME and TXT record for www.example.com.

What can I do ? how can i put the TXT and the CNAME ? is it what can cause domain verifying not working ? is there someone to help us on this problem ?
All verified domains I have are still working but i cannot create new ones…

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I have the same issue, similar to what you shared above, for 2 Repls with custom domain settings (CNAME and TXT). It seems like there might be an incident impacting DNS records verification.
Hope that it gets fixed soon. Until now, at the time of this post, the status page (https://status.replit.com) says that everything is working perfectly. But, I still have doubts.

UPDATE: Just reloaded my Repls and it looks like it’s working again. No more problem on my side.
Good luck to others.

And you managed to have both CNAME and TXT on the same sub domain ?