A programming language that compiles to BrainF*

This is an unfinished prototype language that compiles to brainf code you can run in an interpreter.
It also has a more atomic library underneath the compiler that has an interface similar to libraries like LLVM, meaning you can also use this project to easily generate brainf through code.

An example of what this can currently do

This code will read from input and then print the alphabet up to that character.
If the input is E it will output ABCDE.

int i = 'A'

int stop = read

print i

while i != stop {
	i = i + 1
	print i

The types are currently ignored.
Most operators also aren’t supported yet.
The README contains the supported operators.
!= is the only working comparison operator at the moment.

Link: https://replit.com/@CSharpIsGud/BFScriptV2?v=1