A Poll On Reactions

How many times do you use the reaction like clicking the :heart: or :+1: or :open_mouth: or :laughing:
Also which one do you use most? Comment that

How much do you use the reaction feature?
  • All The Time
  • Sometimes
  • Never

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Could you make it only allow a single choice?

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Just did that now and hopefully it will work :slight_smile:


Its just broken so im going to create a new one

@not-ethan please help, I can’t delete it

It won’t let you edit, but it should let you remove it. What’s the error?


There is no delete button on this and it wouldn’t let me delete it before when I had the button to.

Oh, I meant the poll, not the whole topic.

After you’ve removed it, it should let you add a new one.

Fixed @not-ethan I don’t need it deleted now :).

I definitely use :heart: the most, probably :+1: when I run out of :heart:'s.


Im wondering if ethan will respond lol

I gotta say I use the :heart: the most for the people I know but I use the :+1: for the people that are newer to the community or thoughts who I haven’t chatted with as much.

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I use reactions a lot (All the time). I personally use :+1: the most, and BTW I think :heart: isn’t a reaction. I thought it was just called “liking” instead of reacting.


Technically the Like heart is not a Reaction as @doxr said.