A moderator removed my projects

I need help regarding what to do if a moderator removed my projects because he says they are repeated, in reality they are not, I just made them separately so as not to get confused but now I need to hand in this assignment for tomorrow and I don’t know how to get them back, I thank you in advance for your help, (sorry for my English, I’m Colombian)

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Hey @imedranop welcome to the forums!

Please email appeals@replit.com


Are you sure the project wasn’t copied from anything else? It may have been, seeing the mod note.

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The projects have a similar name: pre-term exercise 1, 2, 3… because they correspond to some exercises from a university assignment, I did them as separate projects because when I added a new file it gave me an error when changing the name of these , and to add, I have also developed some of them with the help of AI and I need them to copy them onto sheets and deliver them by tomorrow

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Due to this being an incorrect moderation action please file an appeal by emailing appeals@replit.com


okay thank you very much

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