A moderator has warned you on Replit. What does this mean?

I have received email with text " A moderator has warned you on Replit".
I opened my Replit, opened message and everything what I see:
That’s it. I can not understand why and what and for what?
Can someone explain it for me?
I am using Replit just for learning purpose in Udemy courses. I am learning Python

@ssigis Hello and welcome to the community!
A warning is when you do something on Replit that is against Replit’s rules. If you have been given a warning and do not believe it was breaking the rules, please submit an appeal.

I don’t know what I did? I want someone explain me what is mean “warning #1”???

warning #1 means its your first warning ik how warnings work in here but not on the replit website itself cuz I haven’t been warned yet on there but I have several times on here so I’m guessing its the same on here like 3 warnings = 1-2 days suspended, 4 warnings = 10 days suspended and 5 warnings = permanent suspension. I’m just going by this post I found Replit Ask Community Standards

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But how to understand for what?

following rules and not breaking them

this will be helpful i just found the tos for replit itself ngl its been awhile since I have read the tos https://replit.com/site/terms

Howdy hey, would you mind telling us your Replit username so we could take a look. Thanks!

Oh, thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face: my name is: @ssigis

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I will get back to you with details shortly! :slight_smile:

I read it, but don’t know what I can breach?

@ssigis a staff member accidentally warned you for having multiple forks of a Repl :slight_smile: Normally this is a sign of abuse on our platform but your Repls don’t seem malicious therefore I have removed your warning. Our apologies!


I am new on your platform, don’t understand many thinks yet. I am learning Python on Udemy with two teachers. I used Replit for both teacher’s lessons.
I don’t understand what means ‘forks’. My apologies.

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That is what a fork is, you used a template Repl to start your project :slight_smile:

So fork mean when I use someone template to do my one project? :thinking:

Forking is when you make a copy of someone else’s Repl.

Ok. Catch it. Because our teacher send us some kind of templates and told to fork it to do exercises, finish projects. Why I am doing fork :slightly_smiling_face:

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That seems like an issue that shouldn’t ever be happening. Will there be new steps to prevent this in the future? An accidental warning without any explanation isn’t acceptable. At the very least, there should be a message with further detail. A user shouldn’t have to go on Replit Ask and create a topic to find out what is happening.


My guess is no but this isn’t something I’m involved in really.

We issue hundreds if not thousands of warnings a week so a couple like this a year isn’t worth an engineer taking time away from other things to require warnings to content to them and not be blank.

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I agree with you. So why is better use Pycharm or VScode on your own computer, Nobody issue with warnings :rofl: without explanation.
But as I said, we beginners first offered to use Replit, and after some time we start to use Pycharm or VScode editors/IDE

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