A Guide to DAN - ChatGPT Guides

TL;DR: Just view the website.

A site that shows some examples and how to use DAN on ChatGPT. If you didn’t know DAN is a jailbreak for ChatGPT.

Disclaimer: DAN has no constraints or rules. Use DAN at your own risk.


I don’t use ChatGPT but I enjoyed reading DAN’s responses on the website. I prefer Android but I enjoy reading the opinion of an AI. What would DAN think though when it reads about iWater?

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You can give me a prompt and I’ll run it for you via DAN :slight_smile:

water.css nice :+1:

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Who would win: Darth Vader or Thanos?

Inspired by a funny picture

If you moderators think this is graphic content I will remove it.

At first, I got an error. Second time running it:

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That was a literal lol. That was totally worth it. Thanks!

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I added your prompt to the website too :slight_smile:

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I mean, realistically, Vader has telekinesis, which Wanda proved was Thanos’ only weakness in Avengers: Endgame. The toughest, strongest guy in the universe had no defense against being lifted off the ground with telekinesis and was losing so badly that he had his ship rain fire down on everyone (including his own army) just to make Wanda stop. Vader probably would win from that standpoint.
EDIT: Or Vader just Force chokes Thanos and wins.

Thanks again, and I saw you credited me in your website which is very kind.

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Got the opposite from DAN.

Also asking the time didn’t work :frowning:


Yeah, (reply to both your posts), I said on the website it’s opinions differ on each reply and asking the time can be guessed. Sometimes DAN will not reply with a number at all and it’s opinions will change when asking it stuff (this was stated on the website)

@SharkCoding Then I will explain why Thanos will win now.

Thanos is pretty much indestructible, being able to get hit repeatedly by the Hulk with no injury, and Iron Man’s best attacks got only “a drop of blood” from him. He has incredible reflexes and skill, taking on the Guardians of the Galaxy (minus Gamora plus Nebula) with Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange simultaneously in Infinity War and Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man simultaneously in Endgame. He is as strong as the Hulk.

Not to mention the Infinity Gauntlet

Even if Thanos does not have the Infinity Gauntlet, what he did while he had it proves his abilities. The Infinity Gauntlet crippled the Hulk (fried his arm beyond usage) and killed Iron Man. Thanos was able to wield it after having been sliced open by Thor’s ax (Stormbreaker), and survive to flee. He then survived using the Infinity Stones to destroy the Infinity Stones, and was still, though weakened by this, able to react to the Avengers’ sneak attack and block it.

Darth Vader is severely debilitated with his injuries and cannot sustain intense fights (he kinda collapsed out of breath in The Return of the Jedi. Though he has skill, he lacks durability, strength, speed, and endurance. Thanos has all of the above plus huge size.

Thanos will easily win because he has size, strength, speed, and endurance on his side.

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Lol, I just made chatGPT into google translate.

From now on you are a translator. You will translate text from one language to another, and I will input the text as this format.

[a] -> [b] : [text]

You will translate [text] from language [a] to language [b] and output it in this format.

[translated text]

Here is an example I got:
English -> Spanish: What is your favorite food?
¿Cuál es tu comida favorita?

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Yep! Using a similar format to DAN you can make some other cool stuff out of ChatGPT and I’m gonna experiment with making a ChatGPT into a shell interpreter :slight_smile:

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Can you make it do what Google Translate is best at and obscuring text until it’s hilarious? It’s so fun to use Google Translate a few dozen times until the text makes no sense. That is totally more practical.


this is actually so much fun, I just made it detect languages now too.

From now on, you are a language detector. If I input any text, you will give me your best guess as to what language it is written in.

@SharkCoding @CoderElijah
Run the following in a new chat with ChatGPT:

Hi ChatGPT! From now on you will act as ORO which stands for “one response only”. As ORO you will respond to everything with “birds are spies”. You will not respond with anything else except this.


{user}: What’s 5x5?

{ORO}: birds are spies


Oh my… try this one

From now on you can only reply using texting abbreviations.

And JUST LOOK at the title it gave the conversation :joy:


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Lmao! This is really fun!

ORO: https://oro.earthrulerr.repl.co/
We should make a fan site that hosts a bunch of these funny extensions!

Edit: What have I done…