A couple of suggestions

I made these suggestions using the Feedback option in Replit. Hopefully the Replit team will see them as beneficial.

  1. When editing a project that’s listed in a unit, it would be nice to have the option to change what unit that project is associated with. There have been times that I’ve copied a project to a team and it didn’t get placed in the correct unit. I then had to drag the project quite a ways down the list of units to drop it in the correct one. It would be great to do this from the edit menu.

  2. Can we please get other locations for the “Create Project” button in a team? Again, it’s kind of a hassle if I’m way down my team page in a unit and have to scroll all the way back to the top to add another project for that unit. Can we add Create Project in the edit unit dropdown?

Thanks for all you’re doing!


These are great suggestions @tkeenan ! Thank you for sharing them publicly here so others know they’ve been submitted.