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Ok so I saw someone do the same thing with Python so I thoguth it would be cool to do it with HTML

The Rules:
I will start with a single line of HTML/CSS/JS code, then anyone can take that code and add another line to it, then another person can do the same and so on. If there’s an error of the code isn’t done properly/formatted properly, the code resets. Instead of using a separate CSS/JS folder, use the <style> and <script> tags. Anyone can join, just make sure to edit the most recent comment.

Good luck everyone!

Starting with <!DOCTYPE html>

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<!DOCTYPE html>

I’ll make this a wiki

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <title>Game Demo</title>

    <canvas id="game" width="100%" height="100%"></canvas>
        const ctx = document.querySelector('canvas').getContext('2d')


wiki? what is that? I really whish it didn’t have to be 20 characters

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Means anyone over TL2 can edit the post. See the guide about wikis. And please don’t “bypass” the character limit

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