A chat app ( with pure repl db )

when I first thought of this idea about making a chatapp without using socket.io or websockets,etc, it seemed literally impossible lol. I never knew I could make a chat app with just replit db.
I don’t know what to say. An achievement or not. My second chat app ( my first… failed very badly. Okay It didn’t have as much features as this one lol ), with 240 lines of code and possibly more in the future. Probably way more than your normal chat app.


Why do this?

  • Just wanted to give myself a small challenge before I go inactive ( I will talk about the inactive part later

Why use replit db instead of sockets or websocket?

  • No prior experience with them. Tried making a chat app once on youtube, failed badly.

When will you update it?

  • Depends on when I get ideas.

Now, onto the inactive part.
I won’t be active for the next one month because I just ran out of ideas for repls. Maybe I will try to visit once a week on forums. Maybe twice/week.
Yeah But within the next month of inactivity I will gather more ideas and probably make it come to life.

Oh yes not to mention, don’t share personal info or anything in personal chats ( the repl ) cuz am waiting for replit to fix repl identity for my proxy to work.

If you are reading this, thank you so much for 200 runs on Mining simulator ( The featured repl next to my all boring bio.

Thank you so much and have a beautyfull I mean Beautifull beautiful day.


Super cool that you did this in python!


Hi @Idkwhttph !
I found this bug:

This is in a private chat.
As you can see, every message is in a list.


Just tested this with an alt.
Fixed the bug. reload the page and run and u should b good 2 go

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Isn’t this really insecure? Anyone can edit the database and edit/delete messages

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yup and I’m sure there’s ways to spoof…

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I just checked and the messages are stored like this:

  "username:sanitizedmessage": "raw message"

so it’s pretty easy to spoof

Edit: I just saw this:


yup as I suspected; I think they didn’t even use repl identity


Yes and he knows. Says python3 whatever numbers is working on a fix.

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python660 iirc and also he shoulda at least implemented the repl identity for a layer of security and btw you we can just forget about them ever fixuing repl identity lol


I think they used repl identity to autodetect the username

Oh right I think I saw that somewhere!

I’m pretty sure this thread is relevant:


You also made a repl auth console thing some time ago, right?

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yeah I alreaydy implemented pyauth on my profile a few years ago so it’s possible but I just think they don’t really want to and also repl identity was literally marketed as a 0 click console repl auth so people saying it’s only for anti spoof are not getting that replit marketed it that way


aah i forgot !!! omg i need to figure out the layout of access control but its pretty much done

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