500 error on custom themes

Problem description:
Whenever previewing a color choice on C++, specifically the color you used for and on lines 1 and 2, everything ends and replit gives a 500 error. This is on Chrome.

Expected behavior:
To show the tag for what type of “topic” the specific keyword is, as well as the hex code for the set color.

Actual behavior:
It merely just crashes. There is no brief second of a pop-up that i can see.

Steps to reproduce:
Go to any custom theme editor. This happens in both dark and light mode.
In the Live Preview, switch to C++.
Hover over either or

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome - Windows 10 - HP Pavilion Laptop - 14z-ec100

I am able to repro this on Windows 11, FF developer edition 108.0b9.

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I’m not able to reproduce this. Am I following the right steps? Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

I’ll try this on Chrome right now and will edit if I am able to repro

edit: not able to repro on Chrome either

Try editing the first 2 lines. I can put my cursor on it just fine.

I’m still not able to repro :upside_down_face:. Could you make a loom.com video?

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Won’t be able to until tomorrow afternoon.

@ShaneAtReplit I am unable to repro this anymore.

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