418: I’m a teapot


It returns the HTTP 418 Status Code

Funny Meme

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this would have been the perfect place to put a rickroll

Nah if I put a rickroll on my API then no one would use it if I asked them to.

I will firmly say that I will never put a rickroll as one of my endpoints for my API.

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Lol ok but I have no qualms with it :wink:

I don’t get it. Is this some sort of showcase?

It’s a Programmer meme.

418 is an HTTP Status Code was meant to be an April Fools joke in 1998 and 2014.

From the MDN Web Docs:

The HTTP 418 I'm a teapot client error response code indicates that the server refuses to brew coffee because it is, permanently, a teapot

Google even made a webpage for the status code lol