404 when open my page

When I start with https://replit.com/@larchenko2205/Python#main.py on repl give 404 page not found. Checked with system all OK, Home page open Ok?

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@larchenko2205

Hi @larchenko2205 , welcome to the forums!
Could you try going here and see if your repl is listed there?

No, just only trash and restore repl

Whoops, wrong link. Do you see your repl name here? It shows all recently deleted repls.

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when try found write repl not found

So basically the repl was not in the deleted list, and cannot be clicked on in the nomepage? Very odd.
I think this is similar to this topic.

Whoops, wrong link again, here’s the correct one:
@larchenko2205 see if you can see your repl name here.

Yes Python Assist for study ESHKO shool nix 6/10/2024 it’s my

Alright, just restore your repl here then.

Write This Repl could not be found.

As I understand yesterday deleted my repl with name Python and today page not working. Pleas advise how restore delete item as your CLI - Replit write This Repl could not be found?

Ok repl restored please next

You should be able to access the link of the repl now that it’s restored.


All in order, thanks for assist

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No problem, happy to help!

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