404 /favicon.ico

I think most of the errors are gone, this is the only one that shows now.

Do you know what is causing this?

for backwards compatibility, browsers look for a favicon.ico. Explicitly tell the browser that the icon is empty by putting this inside <head>

<link rel=icon href=data:>

Should the topic be to my name?

I was just helping the op

This doesn’t matter. Happens on my sites all the time. It shouldn’t affect any of your code files. If you insist on seeing 0 errors though, you can use Umar’s solution.

I mean, I didn’t say that it was something to be corrected I just pointed out that most of the errors were gone and just that one was there.

It happens to me too and I ignore all the time.

That’s why I said that this topic shouldn’t be in my name lol

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Just delete it then…

Again, that’s why the topic shouldn’t be me as the OP.
Maybe @BluebayStudios want to get rid of the problem, so he should close the topic not me. This was linked from another topic.

Idk why you are making a thing out of this lol

I fixed the issue. No need for this anymore lol.

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It’s not me who moved it to a separate topic. I just saw the separate topic and provided a solution. If you think that it shouldn’t be a new topic under your name, delete this one, and reply again to the original topic explaining better what you meant.

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