404 error saying "not found error"

i have an issue while using replit.I have created an HTML,CSS,JS replit project,but when iam trying to run it in new tab on browser, it shows that 404 error saying “not found error”. i need help

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@atikinivris

In which particular replay do you get this error?

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Hi @atikinivris , welcome to the forums!
Have you renamed index.html to something else?

No i have not renamed it.
i have created more than 100 repls, i did not get such issue. iam getting it today itself.

Hello @atikinivris. I have recently experienced some issues that are similar to yours and I may have found a temporary fix. Just copy the link from the webview tab in Replit into a new tab in your browser.

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The repl.co websites are case-sensitive (if not all the time then at least part of the time :thinking: ). Copying from the webview as ResistingGuide41 suggested is a good way to ensure you got your capitalization correct.

Thank you so much @ResistingGuide41, your idea actually worked. I copied the path and pasted in new tab and it worked. Thanks a lot…!!!

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Just so devs can fix the bug easier, I noticed that when I clicked on the “open repl in new tab” button, it sent me to replit.com/@resistingguide4/the-wonders-of-knitting.resistingguide4.repl.co instead of the-wonders-of-knitting.resistingguide4.repl.co.
It looks like it is adding replit.com/@resistingguide4/ to the beginning of the repl link

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