404 Error for Group Projects

I created a project where the students selected their own partners using the “self-grouping” feature. When I click on their repls, I receive a 404 error message. I also noticed that clicking on the link to the students’ group projects signs me out of replit. Please advise how I can view the students’ work. Thank you!

Oh no! Sorry for the confusion…

Can you share with following with me:

  • your replit username
  • the url of the team
  • the url of the project

I’ll investigate right away.

Sure -
username: @mcdowell1
Url of team
Url of project 1

*It was also an issue with the U1 Partner Lab 2 Average (but it will only let me post 2 links).

Thank you!


I will absolutely get a fix out for this today. Thank you for your patience.

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This has been fixed. Please note that if permissions issues do persist for any of your group assignment, you can toggle “Allow Self-Grouping” to trigger a permissions check on all of your student submissions.

I deeply apologized for any interruption this may have had for you.