3D Text Python Example Code

Looking for an example that creates 3D text. I do not have the powerup that allows swrast (GPU?)

what exactly are you trying to achieve? To make Hello World - Replit work, add the missing libraries: run in Shell:

sed -i '/   ];/s/;/ ++ (with pkgs.xorg; [ libX11 libXext libXinerama libXcursor libXrandr libXi libXxf86vm ]);/' replit.nix

Note that for games you’d usually rather make a website instead so the performance depends on your device and not replit’s slow containers.


Should have said this is replit on Android

I know that Python have pyfiglet library which let you create 3D ASCII characters but as @UMARismyname we would need to know exactly what are you trying to achiev.

If you want to create actual 3d Text I would recommend using TypeScript, since they have a library better suited for this called Three.js, they have a good documentation about it three.js docs


The task is to use Python to display a 3D “Hello World” text. I have not done much coding for a few years and I am writing a book called “Learning to code again”. I figure I could use other languages and tools but I am limiting myself to Python for this task. I ended up getting it done with Pydroid 3.

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