$260 bounty, but I've got questions. Do I have to buy cycles BEFORE comparing quotes?


I want to pay someone $250 to start on an app. I actually can pay someone around $130+ per month to continue working on the app until it’s is finished. Alternatively, I’d be happy to save up until I have thousands of dollars next year.

Here’s my biggest issue: I’ve gone to Thumbtack and Fiverr to get quotes for this app as well. I believe paying someone here on Replit will be a more efficient use of my money because I believe there are coders here who are more efficient with their time by using tools like Ghostwriter. Yet, I don’t know if that’s true. What if the coders I’m talking to on Fiverr are efficiently using ChatGPT or Codium to be just as efficient?

I would love to be able to compare and contrast estimates here in Replit with estimate I’m getting with these other contractors before being required to pay for cycles first.

FIRST QUESTION: Is there a way for me to find a bounty hunter and compare their quote/cost estimate without buying cycles first?

Now, maybe someone reading this is a bounty hunter willing to help me out. If you’re interested in being paid $250 up front plus $150 a month for whatever amount of time and work you feel is reasonable for that price until the app is finished, please contact me. Reply here or email me (***). Or, please provide me with a custom quote/estimate. If what I’m asking for requires thousands of dollars up front, I’m willing to wait and save up until I have that much next year.

The bottom line though is I want to have something I can compare to other estimates I’m getting. I want to know the bounty hunter I pay here on Replit is providing me as good a deal (if not a better deal) than the contractors providing me estimates on Fiverr.

Here is my app idea: Custom Habit Tracking App Project Instructions - Google Docs

I don’t mind if this works as a web app or if it’s a an app in the app store, but I need it to work on iPhones and Android devices.

SECOND QUESTION: Are there any bounty hunters willing to start engaging with me now before I officially post my bounty so I can compare quotes and be better informed?

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Hi @matthewhavertz , welcome to the forums!
Before I say anything, I would strongly advise you to not share your email address here. Please edit it out soon. Thanks!
For your first question, I am sorry to say that this not possible. (It is also unlikely that coders use AI tools to complete Bounties as they are not easy and are beyond the capabilities of AI)
For your second question, you could ask here on the forum, but it is unlikely that a Bounty Hunter that actively completes Bounties will see it or even be on the forum. We are a growing community, starting small.
In summary, your questions’ answers are a negative, sorry.
However, Bounties get applicants 80%~90% of the time, so there is a high chance that you will get applicants.

I can ask replit staff if they can share this in a slack channel for bounty hunters for input if you would like

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@not-ethan, I would honestly love that. Please do. Thank you!

I would love to compare quotes and portfolios with Replit bounty hunters to Fiverr contractors. To be honest, I’m leaning towards Replit. I’d love to make it work. But, this is my first time using Replit. It’s frightening for me to think I’m tied down to Replit without doing a bit more homework first. I just want a way to compare my options before I decide for sure.


I asked Replit staff and they said that its not something that’s shared in that slack channel. But they did say if you post a bounty and you don’t like any of the applicants you cant get a refund for the cycles if you email bounties@replit.com


@not-ethan, did you mean to say cant or can?

My bad thats a typo. You can get a refund if you don’t like any of the applicants.


I’ve done 30+ Bounties here on Replit. Unfortunately my schedule is pretty full atm or I would apply to this Bounty. From what I’ve heard Replit is pretty nice with Posters and they can get a full refund like Ethan stated. What I would suggest is post the Bounty on Replit for low price, wait for some candidates, look at their experience and you can use the built in chat feature to talk to them.

If none of them is satisfactory you can slowly go up the price by using the edit button and see how many new people apply, usually as you increase the price more advanced developers will be interested. You can also arrange calls with the hunters, etc from the chat to pick someone you deem fit for this task. If all fails and you cant find anyone just cancel the Bounty and get a refund. It’s that simple.

Hope this helps ,let me know if you have any other questions, I’ve done bounties and services for a while so pretty experienced with how things work here


Make sure to state in the bounty that you are free to negotiate budget, that will help with applications also.


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