24/7 run forever!

For theses Languages that can’t run 24/7 there should be a button that says run 24/7

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You can use Always On with your Repl. It runs forever until it stops and immediately starts again. Hope this helps!


yeah but that costs money

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@MilesWK a 24/7 option would be to there the same thing. Im sorry but its going to stay paid.


If you use Microsoft Rewards, you can get enough points to get a virtual Amazon eGift Card. Then on Amazon you can use it to buy a Visa gift card. Since a visa gift card is like a debit card, you can use it on any website, including Replit. Then you can redeem the Always On powerup using cycles that you buy with the visa gift card. This will give you free money (crazy IRL glitch, I know).


Does this charge tax or fees or something (e.g., your Visa has less on it than your Amazon gift card)? Either way, that’s pretty smart.

It’s a $3.95 additional for the card itself, and then probably sales tax or whatever (I don’t buy things myself lol), and then also shipping, assuming that you buy a physical one instead of digital. So yeah a little bit added on, but it’s not much.

I’ve been saving up points for almost two years now though, so it will take at least two years to get like $25 (in Amazon money, and then subtract all of the fees and tax) you only get like $20 actually :sob: but still

The worst part is that the minimum Visa gift cards I can find on Amazon are $25, which I can’t redeem yet. Right now I only have $15 Amazon gift card-worth of MS Points:

So even if there was a $20 Visa on Amazon, I would have to get like 5 more bucks and maybe more (depending on if you get free shipping. I have Prime, but even if you order over $35 to get it shipped Saturday it says free shipping.)

Thanks but yeah it would take a long time.

Update: Was just looking on Walmart.com (which MSRewards also lets you redeem for, and it’s the same amount of points as the Amazon one) and I could only find a minimum of $25 Visa cards as well. :sob:

So basically @MilesWK if you stay dedicated to using Bing instead of Google, Edge instead of Chrome, and Windows instead of macOS/Linux, then after just a couple years, you will get enough points to get free Replit Cycles.

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