2022 - 2023 Replit Copyright

Problem description:
The year is written as 2022, but it is 2023 (Replit Blog)


Am I supposed to say I can repro this?


As of 2023, it is not certain the the blog has been updated. Just as in macOS or Windows, it may be 2023, but if you are using macOS Catalina, which was only updated earlier than now, it will show 2020 or 2019, instead of 2023.

Ok, Iā€™m using windows 11 insider preview though.

This one was funny :rofl:


Yes, it still does not make a difference. This is how most trademarks work. Not unless those trademarks are refreshed, or the page is updated, does it need to be, because the trademark also indicates the age of the page.