100% GPU and RAM bug?

Bug description:
for the last few weeks none of my replits have been loading cause my gpu and ram fly up to 100% the moment i hit run i want to know if its just me or if anyone else has this problem thanks

Hi @RykerDanner , welcome me to the forums!
Could you send the link to your repl?


Try kill 1 in the shell?

@CoolKid111 But they probably won’t even be able to access the Shell.

They can because they are able to run the repl.
Only when the repl is stuck booting or connecting can they not access the Shell.

Is it one of your browser Repls @RykerDanner?

I forked it and it worked fine for me. I’d recommend the same advice I’ve been giving to a few folks seeing similar Webview issues:

yeah i tried it on another laptop i thinks its my original laptop ill just wait another 2 days for my cache to clear then update if anything changes

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