100 Days of Code

I have started my journey to Python, finally. I have already completed the first day, and would like to keep going but they are locked. I get the point is to do one each day, but I would like to do a few each day or at least until I get to the harder ones. Is this possible?

This is possible, as I have done this? I do not know try attempting to do press the Show Tutorial button and then after completion try pressing the Mark as Complete. The locking was more for experimental purposes while testing the course to ensure that no one got ahead during those first 100 days :smiley:

How exactly…

Im new to 100 days.

Go to the repl, that’s where you’ll find it :smiley:

I kind of deleted the Repl after completing it.

oh, um, make another one???

Got it, thanks for the help. Day 2 I go.

your welcome :smiley: have a nice day