100 days of code problem :(

Hi there, I am doing the 100 days of code on repl.it as a school assignment for enrolment however I have already studied computer science so I find the first few things easy. I did day one just now but I am unsure on how to go to day two. I have clicked the complete lesson button (I think that was what it was called) and it says lesson completed on my screen however I am unable to find the back to hub button which was suggested in other posts I have read. Was it supposed to come up after I clicked lesson complete or do I need to search for it because I looked but couldn’t find it. Or is there another way? Please help me!!

Hi @TC50 , welcome to the forums!
After you click the button, there would be a pop-up box allowing you to go back to the Learning Hub, or share your project.
However, if you click out of the box, the only way to go back is to go to your search history (press CTRL+H) and go to the Learning Hub from there.
Hope this helps!


Doesn’t that just… Reload the page?

I think you mean Alt +

No sorry it’s CTRL+H.
I’ve updated it.

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does this work on Mac too? Because Im using Mac and I tried it but it didn’t work.

Just go to https://replit.com/learn/100-days-of-python/hub

(You can find it again by going to Learn and it should be at the top)


Hi I am new with coding . I register to 100 days code and following the day1 video click at the link for starting replit but in Fork repl doesnt show … Therefore I can’t create the version of the same replit that the teacher work in it… Any help!

Hey @safiadjalal1 welcome to the forums!

Do you mean that it is taking forever to load and you can’t get in, or something else?