1 Monkey-jumping-on-the-bed available account storage

I took a look at my storage usage and found this:
Screenshot 2023-09-26 at 1.01.07 AM
As my math teacher once told me, if there isn’t a unit present, I should assume that they are referring to monkeys jumping on the bed. So, why is Replit counting monkeys in the Repl Resources section?

Well, it would refer to the GiB, obviously, since they mentioned that a word ago. However, it could be worded better.


Technically, since the 10 is labeled as “GiB” the assumption is that the 1/10 is 1 GiB. However, it would be funnier if it was a monkey on a bed.


From a quick glance, I thought of a few other formats that would be valid there:

  1. GiB: 1GiB/10GiB
  2. MiB: 1MiB/10GiB
  3. KiB: 1KiB/10GiB

Hey @python660!

Thank you for reporting this. I have flagged this to our engineering team and will follow up here once I have an update.